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I am a high school history teacher and freelance writer/blogger obsessed with all things French (except poodles - the French can keep them). I happen to be married to the sweetest, funniest guy around and have three (mostly) darling children. When I am not  driving my Mini-Cooper and listening to the BBC, I am likely to be cooking, reading, and daydreaming about going back to Paris.

Please visit my blogs:

Le Blog - a blog dedicated to French history and culture

European Travels 2011 - a blog of my trip to Paris, Florence & Rome

European Travels 2009 - a blog of my trip to Paris, Normandy, & Munich

Paris Je T'aime - a blog of my two week solo trip to Paris in 2008

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This Virtual Tour is in honor of PFC Charles "Butch" Boyer, a gunner in the 70th Tank Battalion, Dog Company who bravely served his country on the Beaches of Normandy on D-Day, kissed the pretty French girls at the Liberation of Paris, and endured the bitter cold of the Battle of the Bulge. This is the man I am proud to call Grandpa.